Lawsuit seeks to protect threatened owls from being bulldozed by proposed Arizona highway

A nonprofit that specializes in protecting endangered species filed legal challenges with a US District Court on Thursday, accusing the Federal Highway Administration (FHA) of failing to comply with required environmental reviews. The Center for Biological Diversity alleges that, in their quest to build a 280-mile-long highway in Arizona, the FHA’s proposed Interstate 11 will destroy the habitat of one short and fluffy animal in particular: the yellow-eyed, brown-and-white feathered cactus ferruginous pygmy owl (Glaucidium brasilianum)....

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What an orphan owl taught an ecologist about bird intelligence

Owls are associated with intelligence, which isn’t surprising, because these birds have incredible smarts and even distinct personalities, as ecologist Carl Safina learned firsthand. After he and his wife Patricia rescued a baby screech owl that couldn’t be returned to the wild, they learned a lot about what owls are really like, as it grew up and raised its own baby owls....

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