How to prevent millions of violent bird deaths, caused by slamming into window panes

Anyone who has sit near a window may have experienced the startling moment when a bird smacks into it. Like the famous scene when a pelican’s crash startles a dentist into an inadvertent tooth-pull in “Finding Nemo,” it can seem cartoonishly silly when a gracefully soaring red-tailed hawk or empty-eyed dumpy pigeon abruptly stops and plops into a pane of glass....

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Being a stray is no laughing matter: Experts say abandoned dogs experience genuine PTSD

Comedians Will Ferrell and Jamie Foxx voice adorable canines in the upcoming summer comedy “Strays.” As the title suggests, “Strays” is the story of a pack of dogs who decide to get revenge against one of their former owners (Will Forte) for abandoning them. While I won’t dare spoil the method that those dogs select as an appropriate punishment, it should not be a spoiler to reveal that the underlying subject matter behind “Strays” is far from comical....

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