Is Earth Day greenwashed and obsolete? Some climate experts argue its core message has been diluted

“Thinking about the planet for a day is a bit bizarre,” says Prof. Martin Siegert, a glaciology professor at the University of Exeter and former co-director of Imperial College London’s Grantham Institute for Climate Change. His sentiments are shared by many other climate experts when it comes to Earth Day, a holiday that is observed every April 22nd....

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Plastic experts say recycling is a scam. Should we even do it anymore?

When the Center for Climate Integrity released its report about plastic recycling, one might have expected the environmentalist non-profit to encourage the practice. Anyone raised in the late-20th and early-21st century knows that the term “recycle” is often synonymous with “environmentalist causes.”

Yet the title of Center for Climate Integrity’s report — “The Fraud of Plastic Recycling” — reveals a very different point-of-view....

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Our ongoing fertility crisis is leading to a future where only the rich can reproduce

With all of the depressing news in the world, many people are justifiably afraid that humanity is careening toward extinction. A 2021 poll of 10,000 young people aged 16 to 25 found that 56% believed humanity is “doomed” due to climate change. Even if climate change doesn’t take us out, there are the existential threats posed by war with nuclear explosives or other weapons of mass destruction, a lurking specter thanks to global conflicts spanning from Israel to Ukraine....

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Shrimp-like creatures are turned off sexually by plastic chemicals, study finds

Scientists have long been concerned by the link between plastic pollution and lower sperm counts in humans. Similarly, experts agree that the amount of plastic being dumped in the ocean is threatening both innocent marine life and the health of planet Earth as a whole.

Now a recent study in the journal Environmental Pollution indirectly reinforces both of those concerns with its discovery about shrimp-like creatures known as Echinogammarus marinus. ...

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The only thing that blocks adoption of more sustainable plastics is our obsession with fossil fuels

When the San Francisco sea lion named Blonde Bomber made one of his regular appearances at the city’s Pier 39, residents were alarmed at the plastic strap wrapped around his neck. Alarmed, but also not surprised: Plastic pollution is so ubiquitous in the ocean that there are activists who devote hours each week to saving wildlife from such debris....

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