Plastic experts say recycling is a scam. Should we even do it anymore?

When the Center for Climate Integrity released its report about plastic recycling, one might have expected the environmentalist non-profit to encourage the practice. Anyone raised in the late-20th and early-21st century knows that the term “recycle” is often synonymous with “environmentalist causes.”

Yet the title of Center for Climate Integrity’s report — “The Fraud of Plastic Recycling” — reveals a very different point-of-view....

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“Significant global ecological disruption”: Plastic is destroying Earth — and recycling won’t help

Children in Western countries have long been taught the virtues of recycling. Because plastic products never decompose on their own, kids are instructed to dispose of them in specially-designated bins so they can be reused. The thinking is that if plastic products are continuously repurposed instead of being simply thrown away, it will lessen the plastic pollution crisis currently choking off life on this planet....

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