“Forever chemicals” are everywhere: Here are the 6 products most likely to be in your home

When a person hears the term “forever chemicals,” it is unlikely that their immediate reaction is, “Yum! I want that inside my body!” Yet these so-called forever chemicals — technically known as per- and polyfluoroalkyl substances (PFAS), as well as chemicals like bisphenols— are absolutely everywhere. It is a statistical certainty that a person reading this article has forever chemicals in their bloodstream, and perhaps in other tissues....

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Your microwave popcorn bags are full of harmful “forever chemicals”

You may not be able to see PFAS molecules around you, but they are ubiquitous: in our food, leaching into our water supplies, and in our blood. The class of water-resistant compounds used to make raincoats waterproof and nonstick pans stick-proof are also known as “forever chemicals,” so named because they do not naturally break down in the environment (or in our bloodstream)....

Originally posted on salon.com