“The Day After Tomorrow” is one of the only true climate change films. Why do scientists hate it?

Like many successful screenwriters and directors, Jeffrey Nachmanoff resides in Southern California. As a result, Nachmanoff has lived through much of the extreme weather caused by climate change: record-breaking wildfires, surreal red skies, suffocating smoke and deadly heat waves.

“It’s not an exaggeration to say that it feels apocalyptic,” Nachmanoff said about life in the Golden State....

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Show of paws: Do dogs understand the hand-stacking TikTok trend?

Not every trend on TikTok is as horrific or annoying as drinking borax or pranking strangers — some memes are downright heartwarming. Take the so-called “hands in” challenge in which humans sit in a circle next to their dogs (and sometimes cats) and place their hands on top of each other, similar to how players on a sports team might initiate a “Go team!”...

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