Is the backlash against Biden ableist? Experts weigh in

President Joe Biden was widely criticized for a lackluster debate performance in his first face-off with former President Donald Trump last month — he flubbed his words, trailed off mid-sentence and appeared to stare off into space. In response, The Economist argued that the president should withdraw from the electoral race with a story that used an image of the presidential seal attached to a walker....

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Are the polls even reliable? Experts examine election polling predictions from 1980 to 2024

During the first debate of the 2024 election cycle, President Biden infamously flubbed his words, trailed off mid-sentence, stared off into space and otherwise acted every bit like a mentally incompetent 81-year-old man. With Biden’s fellow Democrats determined to save democracy from an election-denying Republican — former President Trump — who was recently empowered by the Supreme Court to be a dictator, their experts are now turning to one place for information about the future: Polls

Yet can they be trusted?...

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The surprising link between neck thickness and health

When fitness experts try to assess a person’s health, they usually perform a series of standard measurements. First they measure a human’s height, then compare that with the circumference of their chest, waist, hips and/or thighs. The goal is to help each individual achieve a thickness that suggests the healthiest percentage of body fat — not so low as to be malnourished, nor so high as to put a person at risk of cardiovascular diseases....

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Astronomers spot seven stars that may sport alien megastructures — but many are skeptical of aliens

In the classic 1937 sci-fi novel “Star Maker,” author Olaf Stapledon imagined a massive machine that could encompass an entire star, capturing its energy and harnessing it to provide near unlimited energy to space-faring civilizations. More than two decades later, Stapledon’s creative thought experiment became a legitimate scientific concept when physicist Freeman Dyson published a 1960 paper in the journal Science....

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Record-breaking Category 5 Hurricane Beryl wouldn’t be possible without climate change

In late May, the National Oceanic and Atmospheric Administration, the top hurricane forecasting body in the United States, published a report forecasting the most active hurricane season yet. Now that the season has begun, Hurricane Beryl — the first named hurricane from 2024 — arrived last week, and is already breaking records for its early intensity....

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