Our ongoing fertility crisis is leading to a future where only the rich can reproduce

With all of the depressing news in the world, many people are justifiably afraid that humanity is careening toward extinction. A 2021 poll of 10,000 young people aged 16 to 25 found that 56% believed humanity is “doomed” due to climate change. Even if climate change doesn’t take us out, there are the existential threats posed by war with nuclear explosives or other weapons of mass destruction, a lurking specter thanks to global conflicts spanning from Israel to Ukraine....

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These bat penises are so enormous, they can’t be used for penetrative sex, study finds

The shape and function of a penis is unique among some animals. Not every creature has one — birds, for example, simply eject sperm from their cloaca. But among male mammals, penises are widespread and quite useful for reproduction. If you need a refresher, the standard model of a penis is one that penetrates a female in order to spread biological material, continuing the cycle of life....

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