Gates, Musk, Bezos and nine other billionaires pollute more than 2 million homes: report

Although climate change activists encourage everyone to reduce their carbon footprint, it is objectively true that some individuals contribute more to global warming than others. Specifically, the ultra-rich far outweigh regular people when it comes to climate impacts, a fact supported by much scientific research. A new exclusive report by The Guardian revealed that the world’s top twelve richest individuals, all billionaires, contribute as much to climate change as 2.1 million households....

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How wealthy “super emitters” are disproportionately driving the climate crisis — while blaming you

Climate change is primarily caused by humans burning fossil fuels, as well as other activities that produce greenhouse gases. But that blame is not evenly distributed amongst the entire human species.

A recent study published in the journal PLOS Climate emphasizes that the society’s elites are disproportionately responsible for the extreme weather events linked to climate change like heatwaves, droughts, floods, tropical storms, hurricanes and rising sea levels....

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