Scientists recreate conditions of Saturnian moon in a lab — and it could help us find alien life

When scientists using NASA’s Cassini space probe discovered organic compounds in blocks of ice from Enceladus, they wondered if this meant the Saturnian moon might have the ingredients for life. Six years later, researchers working at research laboratories in Germany recreated conditions analogous to those on that distant frozen world....

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Phosphorus, a building block for life, was just discovered on a moon of Saturn

At first glance, Enceladus doesn’t look like much — just a scuffed up, icy white ball that spins around the planet Saturn. Yet a recent study in the journal Nature revealed quite significant evidence for life on the distant moon. Using archival data from a past NASA mission, scientists analyzed a watery plume shot into space from Enceladus’ southern hemisphere, revealing traces of phosphorus....

Originally posted on salon.com