Will the La Niña cycle cool down Earth’s record-breaking heat streak? Not so fast, experts caution

The last twelve months have been the hottest in recorded human history. This relentess pattern is being driven by human-caused climate change, but also El Niño, a natural part of our global weather cycle that results in hotter temperatures. Though we are now entering the colder La Niña phase of the El Niño–Southern Oscillation (ENSO), which should bring some cooler temperatures over several years, some experts say that our heating planet is so out of balance, the cooling could make little difference....

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Turn up the heat: Climate change activists are gearing up for a sizzling summer of dissent

Renata Pumarol still remembers the energy and beauty of the moment when climate activists took a stand against New York City’s most important bank.

Pumarol is a seasoned activist, her experience spanning from housing reform to improving the lives of working class women. Today she is deputy director of Climate Organizing Hub, an organization that assists protesters throughout the world under the name Climate Defenders. ...

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Exploring the profound beauty of wildlife on a “Queer Planet”

“Queer Planet,” a new documentary now streaming on Peacock, opens with a pair of bighorn sheep, both males, who are literally butting heads. As they repeatedly slam against each other, viewers may assume we are witnessing a violent battle to the death. Perhaps the two bighorn sheep were fighting over territory or food, or maybe there was some ovine slight imperceptible to human eyes....

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Heat dome that killed 61 in Mexico headed toward Southwest, bringing triple-digit temperatures

More than 17 million people risk exposure to dangerous temperatures thanks to a “heat dome” that has emerged in the western United States. Such a dome occurs when hot ocean air becomes trapped, forming something almost like a lid or cap that keeps temperatures broiling. Already this heat wave has been directly responsible for at least 61 deaths in Mexico, causing major power outages and killing at least 150 monkeys....

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Gel-based male birth control is safe and effective, scientists report

In the palm of your hand, it looks like a glop of hair gel. But this goo could one day revolutionize the reproductive health landscape by being the first male birth control to hit the market.

On Sunday, we got one step closer to that reality. Scientists with the National Institutes of Health’s Contraceptive Development Program announced encouraging results from a phase 2 trial demonstrating the safety and efficacy of the drug....

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