Our blood is teeming with “forever chemicals.” Can we remove them by donating blood?

In their daily job of protecting lives, firefighters are exposed to a lot of hazards — not just smoke and fire, but unsafe traffic, violence and vicious cats in trees. However, one of the most perilous risks in firefighting can be somewhat invisible: so-called “forever chemicals,” the substances that are use to suppress fires, such as in fire extinguishers and foams dumped on wildfires....

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Trawling for trouble: How fishing along the seafloor significantly worsens climate change

When fishing companies go trawling, an industrial fishing method the involves dragging a fishing net across the seafloor, they wreak havoc on the lives of countless ocean creatures. These heavily-weighted nets can severely disrupt the delicate ecosystems deep beneath the waves. Furthermore, trawling doesn’t discriminate, frequently scooping up aquatic life that is unmarketable, or sometimes even illegal to fish, right along with any desired catch....

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Seagulls are moving more into urban areas — risking an outbreak of bird flu

This won’t surprise most people, but seagulls didn’t evolve to eat your french fries. They typically eat what’s around the ocean, whether it’s fish, molluscs or small mammals. Nonetheless, human wastefulness and urban expansion are providing ample food sources for these birds, which is seeming to significantly change their behavior, specifically where they prefer to live....

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