New research pinpoints Antarctica’s melty past. Scientists warn it’s happening again

Scientists have thoroughly demonstrated that we are overheating our planet by emitting greenhouse gases, with the vast majority of this (89%) coming from fossil fuels. As this process of climate change worsens, humans will continue to endure extreme weather events including intensified storms, droughts, heatwaves, wildfires and floods....

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2023 proved that climate change isn’t coming — it’s here, and things are spiraling out of control

Politicians often speak of climate change as a problem for future generations to solve, but many scientists say the time to act is now and that the climate has already changed — it’s not a far-off scenario. Never before has the devastation of global heating been more clear than in 2023, which is the hottest year in recorded human history....

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The landscape in New York City is sinking, accelerating risk of sea level rise and flooding: study

As humans continue to dump greenhouse gases into the atmosphere, the resulting climate change causes sea levels to rise. Given that New York City is on average less than three yards above sea level, America’s largest metropolis is vulnerable to sea level rise, which will cause widespread flooding. Yet this process will be worsened by the vertical motion of the land itself, according to a recent study published in the peer reviewed journal Science Advances....

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This year is so hot, Antarctica is missing sea ice equivalent in size to Argentina

New data from the National Snow and Ice Data Center (NSIDC) reveals that Antarctic sea ice is growing at its lowest rate in recorded history, with the continent missing an Argentina-sized amount of sea ice.

Because climate change is melting Antarctic sea ice at an unprecedented rate, scientists have mostly focused on the problems caused by the infusion of so much water into the ocean — problems like rising sea levels and collapsing ocean currents....

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