Constantly on the nod, chinstrap penguins catch seconds-long bursts of sleep 10,000 times per day

Nearly all animals need some form of sleep to survive, but not all of them sleep in the same ways as humans. Take chinstrap penguins (Pygoscelis antarcticus), the adorable two-foot-plus waddling birds named for the distinctive and dignified black stripes at the bottoms of their heads, which are indigenous to the islands and shores of the Southern Pacific and Antarctic Oceans....

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Is blue light actually harmful to your sleep? Why the science isn’t so clear on this popular belief

For anyone who cares about their so-called “sleep hygiene” — essentially good, deep, restful sleep — it has become conventional wisdom that blue light will wreck it. Blue light is often the wavelength of light produced by electronic devices like televisions, smart phones and computers. You know, the obsidian slabs we stare into at all hours of the day, even long after the sun has set....

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