No, big cities aren’t more violent than ever. Small ones are

“Tune into right-wing America’s favorite network, and you’d get the strong impression that leaving your house, especially in any major city, is the equivalent of walking into a war zone,” Salon’s Amanda Marcotte wrote in 2021. Marcotte was referring to the tendency of Fox News to cover the “nonexistent” crime wave in American cities, in turn propagandizing to its viewers about the notion that violent crime was out of control....

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Stress-related aging may be reversible, study finds

Stress is more than an unpleasant emotion; it is a legitimate health concern, as attested by both scientists and physicians. U.S. Surgeon General Vivek Murthy recently declared loneliness to be a public health problem on par with smoking in part because of how loneliness causes stress. The COVID-19 pandemic has increased individual stress levels, and doctors are recommending special diets (such as switching to plant-based meal plans) that are tailor-made for stress reduction....

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Electricity beats time when it comes to healing wounds, research finds

When the first residential electrical grids came to life, the world saw it as a utopian project. The miracle of science had brought an invisible force through a wire to their homes — one that could light rooms and make un-living objects move. Much as “AI” has become a buzzword to advertise consumer software nowadays, consumer products of that era advertised that they were superior because they were produced through electricity; Triscuit crackers, for instance, whose name was a portmanteau of “electricity biscuits” and which were produced in electric ovens, were so-named to heighten their appeal....

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