Dogs have a Lyme disease vaccine, so why don’t humans?

Growing up in rural Pennsylvania, I was often warned by adults to be careful of ticks if I ever played outside. Like so many other children, the main tick-related boogeyman that I was taught to fear was the dreaded Lyme disease. Readily identifiable by the angry red bullseye rash it often leaves on patients, Lyme disease can also cause severe headaches, fever, shooting pains, muscle and joint aches, facial palsy, which is drooping of one or both sides of the face, and nerve pain....

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Seven unexpected ways that climate change is affecting the planet

Even the most horrible tragedies can have their upsides. Take climate change: While it is causing mass extinctions and will, within decades, displace millions of people in coastal areas, it is also helping western dairy farmers keep their farms free of pests. Lending a helping hand? Local bald eagles.

This was the discovery made by the scientists behind a new study in the journal Ecosphere....

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