We can’t predict tornadoes with high accuracy. Scientists are trying to change that

It seemed like a nightmare come to life, as tornado after tornado devoured communities across the United States. At one point 30 million people were deemed to be at tornado risk as the series of devastating twisters struck large sections of the Deep South — including Louisiana, Mississippi, Alabama and Georgia — leaving at least 26 people dead and thousands of buildings in ruins....

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Winter storms are back — and scientists say climate change is making them a lot worse

As winter storms continue to pummel much of the United States, is climate change partially — or majorly — to blame? 

As with any natural disaster that relates to the weather, it is natural to wonder whether climate change plays a role. Certainly the weather this winter has been extreme, with Texans and Oklahomans being warned of potential tornadoes and Americans everywhere bracing for possible power outages (which on their own can be devastating)....

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