Gun violence survivors struggle with long-term trauma — and experts say we’re not doing enough

When President Joe Biden referred to an “epidemic” of gun violence on the anniversary of the Uvalde shooting, he was not simply using a rhetorical flourish. A recent Kaiser Family Foundation poll found that one out of five Americans say they have been personally threatened with a gun (the figure is one out of three for Black Americans), while one out of six say they have personally witnessed someone being shot....

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Thin bodies weren’t always attractive: A brief history of culturally relative beauty standards

More than two out of every five American adults is obese, meaning that more of us are experiencing fat shaming to the extent that it’s become a mainstream topic of public discourse. In just the past week, this public discussion has fixated on Darren Aronofsky’s new film “The Whale,” which some see as fat-phobic; and the public bullying of plus-sized supermodel Ashley Graham, who was shamed for being “fat” by former Miss New Jersey Sameera Khan....

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