Human weather control is possible, but limited. Should it be deployed to stop climate change?

When billionaires like Microsoft co-founder Bill Gates talk about weather control, casual followers of the news might think they are advocating a pie-in-the-sky fantasy. In Gates’ case, the ostensible goal is to save humanity from the climate change primarily caused by burning fossil fuels. Yet Gates is not alone in bringing weather control to the global conversations....

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Thanks to climate change, autumn will never be the same

One of the great pleasures of autumn is its colorful aesthetics. The phenomenon in which normally green leaves transition into shades of red, orange, yellow and eventually brown is known officially as “leaf phenology,” which some people eagerly anticipate each year. But like many ways in which climate change is radically altering our weather patterns — from blistering heat waves to sea level-induced floods — autumn itself is changing....

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