Whale songs are being drowned out by human ocean vessels, study finds

Whales are best known for their massive size and the biggest among them are the baleen whales. Containing 16 different whale species, the biggest of the baleen whales — the blue whale — measures in at a staggering 31 meters (102 feet) and 190 tons (210 short tons). Even the smallest baleen whale, the pygmy right whale, is a not-inconsiderable 6 meters (20 feet) and 3,000 kilograms (6,600 lb)....

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Ancient filter-feeding reptile had a freaky similarity with modern whales

An ancient creature known as Hupehsuchus nanchangensis was not a tiny whale, but a person watching it feed could be forgiven if they mistook it for one. This three-foot long reptile was shaped like a chubby miniature whale, but with an elongated trunk, webbed feet and a long, narrow snout. There were no teeth on the inside of that snout, however — instead one would find rows of long strip-like keratin plates....

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Dolphin ancestors had super weird teeth: A new study on the ‘grandparents of modern dolphins’

British military intelligence revealed earlier this week that Russia has weaponized dolphins to assist in their government’s invasion of Ukraine. They appear to be trained to “counter enemy divers” who may target the country’s main military base in the Black Sea, diligently guarding the port of Sevastopol. These militarized sea mammals are hardly the only cetaceans to make international news in 2023: Millions have watched in awe as orcas have attacked and even sunk ships near Europe....

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