As nature ignites, wildfires are becoming more common. Here’s how we must adapt to our fiery future

If you’ve never had to flee a wildfire, the idea can seem like something out of a disaster film. But as the climate gets warmer, thanks to humans burning fossil fuels, wildfires are becoming larger and more common. Earlier this summer, millions of people in North America awoke to orange skies and blankets of smog from Canadian wildfire smoke that was drifting thousands of miles away....

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From Hawaii to Greece, the planet is broiling from wildfires. How much is climate change to blame?

This week, social media has been flooded with tragic images of a freakish wildfire that leveled a Hawaiian town, leaving at least 53 people dead and destroying more than 270 buildings, according to county officials August 10. The fires are still not completely out.

Meanwhile, on the other side of the planet, wildfires are blazing through the Mediterranean island of Cyprus, while Portugal and Greece are on high alert for wildfires due to the intense heatwave settling over Spain....

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California’s extreme wildfires are triggering “fire whirls”

Thousands of acres are burning as of Wednesday from California and Oregon to Washington and the US-Canada border, all due to wildfires being exacerbated by climate change. Because humans are emitting greenhouse gases by burning fossil fuels, we are exacerbating unprecedented extreme weather events like extreme wildfires.

As of Wednesday, California’s York fire has torched more than 82,000 acres of Mojave desert, including thousands of iconic Joshua trees....

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“No end in sight” to wildfire smoke suffocating American cities. And yes, climate change is to blame

The Canadian wildfires are continuing a development that is becoming all too common: Climate change is causing extreme abnormal weather, and millions of people are suffering as a result. As many people in Chicago and the Midwest likely noticed, air quality has plummeted in recent days, thanks to flaming forests to the north....

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