Exploring the profound beauty of wildlife on a “Queer Planet”

“Queer Planet,” a new documentary now streaming on Peacock, opens with a pair of bighorn sheep, both males, who are literally butting heads. As they repeatedly slam against each other, viewers may assume we are witnessing a violent battle to the death. Perhaps the two bighorn sheep were fighting over territory or food, or maybe there was some ovine slight imperceptible to human eyes....

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How squirrels cope with stress: New study may offer climate lessons for humans

Squirrels are found nearly everywhere, and their apparently playful demeanor makes it easy not to notice that their lives can be difficult. That rambunctious behavior we observe both in city parks and in wilderness is because squirrels must spend most of their time either searching for food and — perhaps more importantly — striving not to become food themselves. ...

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Extremely rare wild jaguar spotted in Arizona

Recently released trail camera footage has apparently identified a live wild jaguar in Arizona, indications that an exceedingly rare species may be making a comeback. This is only the eighth individual jaguar conclusively identified in the American Southwest in the last three decades. This particular cat was differentiated from others through its unique pattern of rosettes, the spots found on jaguars, leopards and other wild feline species....

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